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[This is a partial transcript of a poem that Paul wrote by hand when he was a young student struggling with Algebra.  Help transcribe the poem on the Daily Dunbar Facebook page.]

I think I am . . .
(They never can be told in words)
For all the times I ever had
In Algebra were very bad.
(My lessons are all . . . here)
And o're them I've shed many a tear (?)
But such is life, and such is school
And such is Algebra, the tool
Which science gives to learned folks
. . .

P. Laurence Dunbar

Manuscript for Paul's juvenile poem Algebra.  Courtesy of the Ohio History Connection.  Paul Laurence Dunbar Collection, MSS 114.  Image MSS114_B10_F03_001.tif.

Manuscript for Paul's juvenile poem Algebra