Farewell Song

Why stirs, with sad alarm, the heart,
For all who meet must some day part?
So, let no useless cavil be,
True wisdom bows to God's decree.

Though lingers on the lid the tear,
'Tis one of sorrow, not of fear,
For well we know we cannot cling
Forever to the parent wing.

But not in vain our years were spent,
The mother kind gave nourishment,
And as the swift years rolled along,
We ever waxed more hale and strong.

And now, the world we fear no more,
As here we stand upon the shore,
Prepared to cast our moorings free,
And breast the waves of future's sea.

Our hearts are full, the prospect bright,
Our breasts are heaving at the sight,
While youthful joy o'erruns its cup,
And Hope's fair hand shall buoy us up.

The wind is fair, the sails are spread,
Let hearts be firm, "God Speed" is said;
Before us lies the untried way,
And we're impatient at the stay.

At last we move, how thrills the heart,
So long impatient for the start!
Now up o'er hill and down through dell,
The echoes bring our song -- farewell.

The breezes take it up, and bear,
The loud refrain on wings of air;
And to the skies, the sad notes swell,
Of this our last farewell, farewell!