March 19 - Recuperation and Recitation

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On March 19, 1900, Paul Laurence Dunbar participated in an authors' symposium in Denver, Colorado.

Who takes part in our great Symposium of Colorado Authors tomorrow night?

Hon. Jas. M. Coulter of Pueblo
Frederick A. Johnson of Ward
Marguerite Zearing
Amanda Kerr Lewis
Mary Wolfe Dargin
Ellis Meredith
Paul Laurence Dunbar

Trinity Reading College
Colorado Poets and Story Writers

Greatest Reading College Entertainment of the Year

Church bulletin, March 18, 1900.  Paul Laurence Dunbar Papers, Ohio History Connection (Microfilm edition, Roll 5).

Paul's appearance was part of a regular series of literary events presented by Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church in Denver.

Trinity Reading College is a new institution which seeks to fill an important place in the life of Trinity Church, Denver, Colorado.  It will attempt to encourage the reading and study of the best books, and all the great works in English and American literature may be included in its membership.  A full course for the year consists of six books selected from certain lists.  Monthly critiques are held.

"General Methodist."  Northwestern Christian Advocate (Chicago, Illinois).  April 14, 1897.  Page 21.

Paul went to the Rocky Mountains seeking relief from tuberculosis, and he made several public appearances while in Colorado.

Paul L. Dunbar has gone to Denver for his health.  He is ill with consumption, one lung being very badly affected, and is going to try the mountain air in the hope that it will be beneficial.  With him on his way west are his wife and mother.

"Dunbar in Denver." The Plaindealer (Topeka, Kansas).  September 22, 1899.  Page 2.

Some weeks ago in Denver I had the pleasure of hearing Mr. Paul Dunbar read selections from his own writings and was impressed by the refined and sympathetic spirit of the man, and by the excellent taste shown in his selections and in his rendering of them.  Mr. Dunbar's fame as a writer of both prose and poetry is well known to our citizens and I am glad to learn that they are to have an opportunity to hear him.

Unidentified newspaper clipping [Colorado Springs, Colorado.  March 21, 1900.]  Paul Laurence Dunbar Papers, Ohio History Connection (Microfilm edition, Roll 5).

Paul Laurence Dunbar, the noted colored poet, has been secured by the manager of the Colorado Springs Lyceum course to give an evening's readings from his own poems at the Temple theater next Thursday evening, March 22.  Mr. Dunbar has given four readings in Denver recently and is to appear in that city again next Monday.  Mr. Dunbar is a charming entertainer and will surely be greeted by a large audience of the most refined and cultured people of this city.

"Paul Laurence Dunbar."  Unidentified newspaper clipping [Colorado, March 1900].  Paul Laurence Dunbar Papers, Ohio History Connection (Microfilm edition, Roll 5).

Prof. Dick of Denver, who is considered by many to be one of the best educated men in the state, says Paul Laurence Dunbar is the greatest orator he ever heard.  Mr. Dunbar comes to the Temple theater next Thursday evening under the auspices of the Lyceum course.  He reads from his own poems and is a most delightful entertainer.

"Paul Laurence Dunbar."  Unidentified newspaper clipping [Colorado, March 1900].  Paul Laurence Dunbar Papers, Ohio History Connection (Microfilm edition, Roll 5).

Mr. Paul Laurence Dunbar, the celebrated colored poet who is to appear at the Temple theater tonight, is one of the most conspicuous men in the Negro race.  He is an author of merit and as a reader of his own works is an entertainer of rare ability.  His blending of humor and pathos places him as one of the foremost platform orators of the country.

"Tonight Paul Laurence Dunbar, the Colored Poet, Will Appear at the Temple Theater."  Colorado Springs Gazette (Colorado Springs, Colorado).  March 22, 1900.